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Shahid Mughal and I have started short series of podcasts with a few members who are admired and are respected personalities within our Community. It is aimed at reflecting upon their growing up in East Africa and then living in the U.K. Looking upon their success in sport or chosen profession, business and anything that they may wish to talk about. 


We are also hoping to do shorter podcasts later about general issues that effect our community, e.g. our lifestyle, coping with diabetes and any other topics that can be of benefit to us. I am sure this will be of interest to many of our BEAMA members.

Please do come forward with any ideas or topics of interest. You can call me or email me.

Saleem Mehar - Beama Chairman

Our first podcast guest is our Chairman, Saleem Mehar, talking about his life as a cricketer. A cricketer's cricketer, much admired by his fellow cricketers, a stand out fast bowler, solid batsman and who played cricket at the highest level.

27 May 2020

00:00 / 37:20


Sir Ali Muslim Club

First trip to Kenya

Cricket World Cup 1975


My Kenyan Story



British East African History


Nairobi Mosques


Settling in a Strange Foreign Land


Not To Be Forgotten

To Allah we belong and to him is our return.
'May peace be upon the departed and patience upon the families of the deceased.' Ameen

Munir Diwan

Munir Rai
M. Hussain Khan

Hajjan Rafia Bhatti

Mumtaz Begum Malik

Naeem Lone

Affie Chaudhry

Syed Faruq Hyder

Talat Mirza

Shamim Hyder

Sonam Zara Johal

Noor Begum Malik

Asmat Ara Mehar

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